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Texas Defensive Driving Information

Liberty Texas Traffic Violations

If you are pulled over in Liberty Texas for a traffic violation, a Liberty Texas law enforcement officer will likely issue you a citation.  On your citation you will find contact information for the Liberty Texas court overseeing your traffic violation.  Whether you would like to protest the violation in court or simply pay your fine, you must contact the Liberty Texas court and disclose your decision within ten day of being issued your citation, or risk heavier fines and other penalties.  Should you choose to simply pay the fine, the Liberty Texas court will be able to tell you over the phone what payment methods you can use, as each Texas county differs with regard to credit cards, cash and other forms of accepted payment.  In some case, if your violation is severe or you are under the age of 18, the Liberty Texas court may inform you that your appearance in court is required.  In that event, your court date will likely be on the citation.  If not, ask the court when you phone in.

Liberty Texas Driver Responsibility Program

If you are found guilty or plead guilty to a traffic violation, including if you simply pay the fine, you are likely to receive points against your Texas driving record based on the Texas Responsibility Program.  While some violation, such as speeding by less than ten percent of the posted speed limit, are exempt from point accumulation, nearly all other violations follow a simple formula.  If you have incurred a traffic citation for a violation, the Texas Department of Public Safety will assess two points against your driving record.  If your violation has resulted in an accident, three points are attached to your Texas driver record.  These points will also be attached if you obtain a citation in another state that would have resulted in points being placed on your record had it been received in Texas.

In addition, if your violation is for driving under the influence, failing to obtain proper insurance driving without a proper license, you are likely to be subject to annual fines, called, "Conviction Based Surcharges," for each of the three years the offense remains on your driving record.  Thus, if you are pulled over and are found to be driving without insurance, you will be fined three times for the single offense, in addition to points being assessed against your Texas driving record.

Suspension of Texas Driving Privileges

Once you have amassed six points on your record within a three year timeframe, the Texas Department of Public Safety will suspend your Texas driving privileges.  Even if you have managed to avoid the point accumulation but have obtained four traffic violations in a year, or seven in two years, your Texas driving privileges will also be suspended.  if you are a juvenile driver unrer the age of 18, just two traffic violations in one year will result in a temporary suspension of yoru Texas driving privileges.  Again, these violations will include any citations you received outside the state.

In addition to the costs of living without your driving privileges, the court fees and possible Conviction Based Surcharged that go along with certain traffic citations on your Texas driver record, you are likely to incur significant fines associated with getting your license reinstated.  It is in your best interest and the best interests of your pocketbook that you avoid accumulating traffic violations on your Texas driver record.

Liberty Texas Defensive Driving Programs

Thankfully, the Texas Education Agency allows Liberty Texas drivers to attend a driver safety program, including online defensive driving programs such as those offered by Getdefensive.com, in order to have as much as one ticker per year removed from their Texas Department of Public Safety driving record.  In order to receive this beneficial treatment, you must obtain permission from the Liberty Texas court overseeing your violation.  The Liberty Texas court's approval will depend on factors such as the amount of tickets already on your driving record and the number of times you have already attended driver safety school or participated in a defensive driving program.  If it appears you have not learned enough from traffic school to be a safe driver after several times, a Liberty Texas court may deprive you of another opportunity.  Further, if your offense is of an extreme nature, such as leaving the scene of an accident, a court will likely not grant you this privilege.

If you are given such an opportunity, however, a Liberty Texas online defensive driving program will remove the underlying offense from your Texas driving record, not only preventing you from accumulating points that could result in your license being suspended, but also preventing possible redundant conviction surcharges and the costs of getting your driving privileges reinstated.

Liberty Texas Insurance Discounts

Avoiding points on your driving record and a potential suspension of your driving privileges are not the only benefits you will receive from participating in a Liberty Texas online driver safety program through Getdefensive.com. By participating in an online defensive driving program, you will learn valuable safe driving skills that will help you avoid costly accidents and traffic violations in the future.  Also, the cleaner you keep your Texas driving record, the more likely a Liberty Texas court will be willing to offer you lenient alternatives in the event you should find yourself involved in a future incident.

Finally, your Texas driving record has a significant impact on your insurance costs.  Each traffic violation incurred is forwarded to insurance providers, who commonly raise insurance premiums for unsafe drivers.  While Texas law protects the insured from having their rates raised simply for paying a traffic citation, after three citations your insurance can be cancelled and your chances for finding a new insurer that will charge you similar premiums is very small.  It is better that you actively keep your driving record as clean as possible to avoid these unfortunate consequences.

Liberty Texas Mature Driver and Liberty Texas Juvenile Driver Insurance Discounts

In addition to keeping your insurance premiums low, many auto insurers provide discounts for safe drivers.  One way to show a safe driving record is to participate in Getdefensive.com's online defensive driving program.  For Liberty Texas drivers over the age of 55 and drivers under the age of 18, many auto insurers provide additional insurance reductions, specifically to promote safe driving techniques and defensive driving skills in drivers who are statistically more likely to commit traffic violations.  If you are a mature driver of the age of 55, a juvenile driver under the age of 18 or a parent of a juvenile driver, you should reach out to your auto insurance provider to find out if an online driver safety program will help you secure insurance discounts, in addition to helping you learn defensive driving techniques that will allow you to avoid accidents or violations in the future.

Liberty Texas Classroom Traffic Schools

Getdefensive.com offers many forms of home-study Texas defensive driving course, including Liberty Texas online defensive driving, Liberty Texas DVD video defensive driving and Liberty Texas streaming video defensive driving which can be viewed on your home computer.  All of these will help you obtain insurance reductions, ensure ticket dismissals, and have points removed from your Texas driving record.

However, some people feel more comfortable learning in a traditional classroom setting than taking a driver safety program from the comfort of their own home.  If you would like to participate in a defensive driving program to help lower your insurance costs, secure a ticket dismissal from your Texas driving record or because you were ordered to do so by a Liberty Texas court, you should ask the Liberty Texas court overseeing your citation and they will be happy to provide you with a list of brick and mortar traffic schools in and around Liberty Texas when you call in to discuss your citation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does GetDefensive.com’s Liberty Texas online defensive driving course cost?
The Liberty Texas online driver safety course offered by GetDefensive.com costs only $25.00.  Included in the price is the shipment of your Liberty Texas traffic school certificate of completion via regular US Mail.  For an additional charge, you also have the option of faster shipping through FedEx.
If I finish the Liberty Texas defensive driving course for ticket dismissal, will I be eligible for a Texas insurance discount as well?
Yes.  Upon completion of the Liberty Texas online driver safety course, you will get two copies of your certificate of completion: one for your Liberty Texas court and one for your Liberty Texas insurance agent.  When you tell your insurance agent that you attended an APPROVED online defensive driving course such as GetDefensive.com, you may get as much as a 10% discount on your rates.
I’m worried that my busy schedule won’t permit me to sit in front of a computer for hours at a time taking a Liberty Texas defensive driving course. Should I be worried?
There’s enough flexibility built in to GetDefensive.com’s Liberty Texas defensive driving course to accommodate anyone’s schedule. For example, rather than take the entire Liberty Texas online course in one sitting, you can do it in increments, stopping and starting as needed.  It's totally up to you!
If I'm not fully satisfied with the GetDefensive.com Liberty Texas online defensive driving course, can I get a refund?
Yes.  If you are not fully satisfied with the GetDefensive.com Liberty Texas online defensive driving course you may request a full refund within three (3) business days of enrollment.  If you do not request a refund within this timeframe, only your shipping fees are refundable (if you select expedited shipping).
I’m trying to dismiss a traffic citation I received in Liberty Texas. Is the internet Liberty Texas defensive driving course offered by GetDefensive.com approved?
Yes, our internet Liberty Texas defensive driving course is fully approved by the Texas Education Agency. GetDefensive.com is approved by all courts in Texas, including Liberty Texas, for the purpose of Texas driver safety training and Texas ticket dismissal.
How do I know I'm eligible to enroll in a Liberty Texas online defensive driving course to dismiss a ticket?
Your court will notify you as to whether your ticket is dismissible through the attendance of a Texas Education Agency approved Liberty Texas internet driver safety course such as GetDefensive.com. If you haven't attended a Texas online defensive driving course in the past 12 months, you should be eligible to attend but if there’s any doubt we recommend that you check with the court in Liberty Texas.
Will I be able to finish the Liberty Texas online defensive driving course and get my certificate in time for my Liberty Texas court due date?
Yes! Assuming you use FedEx (if you complete the course before our FedEx cutoff time of 6PM CST), it's certainly possible to finish our Liberty Texas online defensive driving course and have your certificate delivered in a one- or two-day timeframe. However, if your Liberty Texas ticket due date is in less than 24-hours you should definitely ask for an extension.
The court ordered me to enroll in a Liberty Texas defensive driving class. Does GetDefensive.com offer online defensive driving?
GetDefensive.com (Course Provider # CP021) is a Texas Education Agency (TEA)-approved alternative delivery method provider of Texas defensive driving for purposes of ticket dismissal.  Because this approval is statewide, all courts in Texas accept our Liberty Texas online defensive driving course as a means of citation dismissal.  If you did not receive a ticket and your court is ordering you to attend a Liberty Texas defensive driving class as a fulfillment of your sentencing or probation you should first ask the Liberty Texas Judge if he or she will accept GetDefensive.com.
Why should I take your online Liberty Texas defensive driving school course instead of a regular classroom course?
You should take our Liberty Texas online class if you value comfort and convenience! In a classroom, you’re forced to sit through a lecture about Liberty Texas driving laws and Liberty Texas driver improvement. A Liberty Texas online defensive driving class, such as ours, allows you to learn the same Liberty Texas driver safety information from your own home, at your own pace.  GetDefensive.com offers Liberty Texas internet defensive driving, Liberty Texas DVD video defensive driving and Liberty Texas streaming video defensive driving.
Will I be allowed to take a Liberty Texas online defensive driving course to dismiss multiple tickets?
No.  Unless the Judge makes an exception in your case, Texas state law will only allow you to take a Liberty Texas defensive driving course to dismiss a single ticket once every 12-months.  In other words, you cannot take this Liberty Texas internet driver safety course to dismiss multiple tickets at one time!