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Take our Online Texas Defensive Driving Course from the comfort of home and at your our own pace. The course contains animation & video that will make your Defensive Driving experience both educational and entertaining!

Online Texas Defensive Driving Courses

Our Texas state approved online defensive driving course will dismiss your traffic ticket and keep the points from appearing on your Texas driving record. Our Texas online Driving Safety course will also get you discounted insurance rates up to 10%. Please make sure that you are eligible to take a Texas defensive driving course before you register for any course because some citations such as speeding over 25 mph of the posted official speed limit, violations in construction zones, overtaking a school bus, not having car insurance, and leaving the scene of an accident are not eligible for being dismissed by taking an online or classroom defensive driving course. Our online defensive driving courses can be taken one time in every 12 month period and a permission to take a defensive driving class must be requested by or before your traffic citation due date.

Taking a Texas Defensive Driving Course Online at is an easy, convenient and inexpensive way to dismiss a traffic ticket in Texas. Our Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) approved course is offered at the lowest price allowed by Texas law-which is $25.00

What Makes GetDefensive different?


GetDefensive has been offering Texas online defensive driving courses since 2004. Our course was written and designed by course professionals and expert driving safety instructors. We do not give you long pages of text. Our courses contain animations and streaming videos that will make your Defensive Driving experience both educational and entertaining!


At GetDefensive we give you options. You can take your defensive driving class either online with our text based course or our streaming video based course.

The GetDefensive text-based course is divided into chapters that contain text, some video and animations. When you log off the course, your work will be saved for the next time you return.

The GetDefensive Online Video Course allows you to watch a video on your computer without having to read any material.

Best Course and Website Features

The bottom line is that our Texas online defensive driver safety course is an easy course that contains no final exam. So you do not have to memorize the course material in order to pass a final exam.

Our website is easy to navigate. Having been in the business for ten years and having graduated millions of students has enabled us to bring to our customers the easiest to use website and learning management software-because each year we make our website easier to use. We have one of the shortest and easiest registration processes of any website.

If you do not feel like reading our course, you can purchase our brand new Audio Read-Along feature, which allows you to hear the course read aloud as you follow along with the online text

Take Our Course Anytime and Anywhere

The best part of our defensive driving courses is that you can take your Texas Defensive Driving Online course anytime and from any place. You can also take our online defensive driving courses from any device-including all tablets and iphone and android phones. You can start the online Texas driver safety course on a computer and pick up on your phone. Our unique tracking feature will save all of your work so when you log back in you don't need to waste your time reading material that you have already covered.

The best part of our defensive driving courses is that you can take your Texas Defensive Driving Online course anytime and from any place. You can also take our online defensive driving courses from any device-including all tablets and iphone and android phones. You can start the online Texas driver safety course on a computer and pick up on your phone. Our unique tracking feature will save all of your work so when you log back in you don't need to waste your time reading material that you have already covered.

If you have any questions along the way you can call our U.S. based customer support center and speak to a representative. We don't have long hold times and many prompts to get you to the right department. You can speak to us as soon as you call!

Our courses don't have hidden fees.

How To Get Started

Getting started is easy. Simply click on the registration button and complete our short enrollment form, pay for the course and you are on your way. The courts in Texas require that you submit your Texas driver record with your Texas online defensive driving course completion certificate. We can obtain your texas driver record for you for a small fee.

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Customer Reviews

This Texas online defensive driving course is very informational. A great refresher course. I believe all drivers should be required to take the course by Texas state law. It would help drastically in the region I live in. It's very clear most drivers don't understand the etiquette and laws of the road.

-"J. Drube"

Thanks guys for setting up this amazing web site. I had a great learning experience with my online defensive driving class, I will definitely recommend you guys to my friends.

-"J. Gomez"

Despite not looking forward to taking the Texas Online Defensive Driving Course I actually found it to be easy and quick. Thanks for making the process so easy. I am not so great with computers as I am from a different generation LOL but the whole process was very simple, which is more than I can say for other website programs I have used.

-"G. Salazar"

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I have to pay for’s internet defensive driving course, and does this price include the mailing cost of the Texas certificate of completion?
The costs may vary by format for’s Texas online defensive driving courses.  The price may be slightly higher if you select the defensive driving DVD or the defensive driving streaming video.  For the internet defensive driving class, the cost is the lowest possible cost under State law, and this includes the shipping of the Texas certificate of completion that will be sent via regular US mail.

I sat through a traditional classroom defensive driving program over 1 year ago. Since I not aware of internet defensive driving courses, will you tell me what I need to do after registering for the defensive driving online class?
There are two (2) types of online defensive driving courses that are available - one is for ticket dismissal and the other is for auto insurance premium reduction.  You may enroll in the online defensive driving course on any computer with online access, and you are permitted to start and stop as often as you'd prefer, and pick up from wherever you left off.  The online defensive driving course is divided into several chapters, and at the end of each chapter you will be given a brief, multiple-choice quiz which will assist you in preparing for the final exam. Once you favorably complete the final exam, will issue to you a completion certificate which will be sent to you via the shipping method that you select at the time of registration.
Is there any guarantee that I will get an auto insurance premium reduction when I successfully complete’s Texas defensive driving internet class?
It is probable, but not guaranteed.  Although we do recommend that you check with your local auto insurance agent before registering for the Texas defensive driving online class.  It is helpful to know that numerous auto insurance carriers offer reductions| of up to 10% to policyholders who successfully complete the defensive driving program.   Also, customers who get through our internet defensive driving class for ticket dismissal get two (2) copies of his or her completion certificate--one to present to the court and one to give to his or her auto insurance agent.
Am I required to log in to the exact same computer when I take the second half of the Texas defensive driving internet program?
No.  As long as the computer has online access, you may complete’s defensive driving internet course from any computer.  You are permitted to use multiple computers if you want to, but you will have to be certain that each computer has the flash and browser features that are required. will run a brief scan on any computer that you log into for the first time to make sure that it has the required software installed.  The defensive driving internet program can fit into a busy schedule! 
I am a really active college student. May I start and stop the Texas defensive driving internet class as often as necessary?
Yes, you may start and stop as needed when you finish’s defensive driving internet program.  You do not have to finish the program all at one time.  When you do want to take a break, you can then resume where you left off.’s program is flexible, and can be worked into your full schedule!
I need to be certain that my recent traffic ticket is not added to my Texas driver record. How can I obtain’s certificate of completion?
When you have passed the Texas
internet defensive driving course, the completion certificate will be sent via regular mail to the mailing address that you provided when you signed up to take the course.  However, please remember that you must present it to the court by or before the court due date.

If I need to take’s defensive driving online program, how can I find out if my traffic citation is eligible for dismissal by my local court? is 100% accepted by every court in the State of Texas for internet ticket dismissal.  If your traffic citation is eligible for dismissal, your court will notify you as to when you have to take a defensive driving class.  You may also be eligible for a 10% auto insurance discount through your insurance carrier if you satisfactorily complete the internet defensive driving class at; however, we recommend that you first check with your local auto insurance agent.
How often may I ?sign up for’s Texas defensive driving internet class for ticket dismissal purposes?
Texas State Law restricts you from removing
a second traffic ticket every twelve (12) months. If you are not certain as to when you last took the internet defensive driving course, we strongly recommend that you consult with the traffic court to confirm if you now qualify to go through's defensive driving internet program.
I have to enroll in a defensive driving internet class to assist me in keeping my Texas driver record clear. If I do not satisfactorily get through the quizzes in the defensive driving online course, am I still able to successfully complete the Texas defensive driving online course?
It is possible.  The quizzes are required and are essential, and they help in getting you ready for’s defensive driving final examination.  However, they will not count against your final grade in the internet defensive driving program.
How does’s Texas online defensive driving course compare with the traditional defensive driving classroom setting?’s internet defensive driving class is certified by the State of Texas as an equivalent to the traditional defensive driving classroom program.  When you take's internet defensive driving class, you do not have to take time out to attend and sit through any long classroom instruction.  The course is convenient for a busy lifestyle, and you can set your own schedule!