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Arlington Approved Defensive Driving Online and Insurance Reduction Online Courses


Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) Approved online defensive driving course


Arlington Ticket Dismissal and Insurance Reduction


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Our 6-hour online driver safety course is a fun, interactive and easy way to dismiss a ticket and lower your insurance costs. It is fully approved by the TDLR for Arlington citation dismissal (TDLR Provider # CP021).


Once you complete this internet defensive driving course, we will ship your certificate of completion to you by regular US Mail free of charge. If you are in a hurry, you may also select any of our convenient expedited shipping methods through FedEx for an additional charge.


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Customer Reviews

This Texas online defensive driving course is very informational. A great refresher course. I believe all drivers should be required to take the course by Texas state law. It would help drastically in the region I live in. It's very clear most drivers don't understand the etiquette and laws of the road.

-"J. Drube"

Thanks guys for setting up this amazing web site. I had a great learning experience with my online defensive driving class, I will definitely recommend you guys to my friends.

-"J. Gomez"

Despite not looking forward to taking the Texas Online Defensive Driving Course I actually found it to be easy and quick. Thanks for making the process so easy. I am not so great with computers as I am from a different generation LOL but the whole process was very simple, which is more than I can say for other website programs I have used.

-"G. Salazar"

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Texas Defensive Driving Information

Arlington Traffic Violations

Driving in Arlington can try one’s patience.  The Tom Landry freeway can feel like a zoo some days, and when you finally do get a chance to get out of traffic, speed traps await!  If you are pulled over in Arlington for a traffic violation, a Arlington law enforcement officer will likely issue you a citation.  This citation will include contact information for the Arlington court handling your ticket.  Perhaps you want to show up in court to defend your driving honor, or maybe you just want to pay your fine and forget the unpleasant experience ever happened.  Either way, you must contact the Arlington court and disclose your decision in ten days or less.  Don’t forget or much heavier penalties are in store, in addition to your citation fine.

If you want to pay the ticket, the Arlington court handling your violation will tell you what payment methods you can use when you call in, as Tarrant County courts may not all accept the same forms of payment.  If your violation is severe or you are under 18, the Arlington court may inform you that your appearance in court is required.  In that event, your court date will likely be on the citation.  If it isn’t, ask the Arlington court for your court date, and save it.  You may need it should you decide to enroll in a defensive driving program.

Arlington Driver Responsibility Program

You may also incur points against your Texas driving record under the Texas Responsibility Program if you have to pay the citation fine.  Certain violations like speeding by less than ten percent of the posted speed limit or failing to buckle up will not result in point accumulation.  Most violations, however, do.  When you commit a traffic violation, the Texas Department of Public Safety adds two points to your Texas driving record.  A third point is added if your violation causes an accident.  These points will also be attached if you obtain a citation in another state that would have resulted in points being placed on your record had it been received in Texas.

In addition, if you drive under the influence, fail to obtain auto insurance or drive without a license, you will be assessed "Conviction Based Surcharges."  These fines are large and levied on you every year the offense remains on your driving record, up to three years!  Whatever reason you may have to violate one of these laws, it’s short sighted at best.  It may seem convenient at the time to drive for a while on an expired license.  Whether it’s work, school, sports or social plans, your schedule can fill up quickly and heading out to the DPS office on West Arkansas Lane to renew an old license may throw a wrench on your plans you would simply like to put off for a while.  But when you are pulled over Pioneer Parkway and the Arlington law enforcement officer finds out your license expired six months ago, the convenience you’d been enjoying will quickly turn into a nasty fine, a possible suspension of your driving privileges and Texas DPS fines to the tune of thousand dollars for the next three years!  Suddenly, what seemed convenient is a nightmare.

Suspension of Texas Driving Privileges

Failing to learn from your driving mistakes has consequences.  Amass six points on your Texas driving record within three years and the Texas DPS will suspend your license.  Even if you manage to avoid the point accumulation for minor infractions, but you obtain four traffic violations in a yea, or seven in two years, your Texas driving privileges will still be suspended.  If you are a juvenile driver under the age of 18, just two traffic violations in one year will result in a temporary suspension of your Texas driving privileges.  Again, these violations will include any citations you received outside the state.

Before you know it, the accumulated cost of poor driving decisions becomes overwhelming.  In addition to citation fines, the cost of living without your driving privileges, court fees and possible Conviction Based Surcharges on your Texas driver record, you’re likely to sustain significant fines associated with getting your license reinstated.  It’s in the best interest of your time, wallet and state of mind that you avoid accumulating traffic violations on your Texas driver record.  When mistakes do occur, can help you keep your record clean.

Arlington Defensive Driving Programs

Thankfully, the Texas Education Agency allows Arlington drivers to enroll in a driver safety program, including online defensive driving courses offered by, to have as much as one ticket per year removed from their Texas Department of Public Safety driving record.  In order to take a defensive driving course to have a ticket removed, you must first obtain permission from the Arlington court overseeing your violation.

The court's approval will rest on factors such as the number of times you’ve attended an Arlington driver safety school or participated in an Arlington defensive driving program and how many violations are already on your Texas driving record.  If you’re explaining to a court why you were pulled over for speeding on the 360 for the 3rd time in a year, however, it will be tough to convince a venerable Tarrant County court judge that another shot at traffic school is really what you need.  Further, if you have committed a more serious offense, such as fleeing the scene of an accident, a court will likely not offer you any such chance.  However, usually you will be permitted to attend traffic school, and Arlington online defensive driving programs like will remove the underlying offense from your Texas driving record.

Arlington Insurance Discounts

Participating in a Arlington online driver safety program through keeps points off your driving record and helps you avoid fines that come along with traffic tickets. But an online defensive driving program also teaches valuable safe driving skills that will help you steer clear of costly accidents and traffic violations in the future. A sterling Texas driving record can also mean more lenient alternatives in the event you should find yourself involved in a future incident and appealing to a Arlington court.

Your Texas driving record has a significant impact on your Arlington insurance costs.  Traffic violations are passed on from the Texas DPS to insurance providers, which in turn raise insurance premiums for unsafe drivers.  While Texas law protects you from having your rates raised simply for paying a traffic citation, this protection only extends so far.  After three citations your insurance can be cancelled, along with any hope of finding new insurance with similar premiums.  It is best to keep your driving record clean always to avoid these unfortunate consequences.

Arlington Mature Driver and Arlington Juvenile Driver Insurance Discounts

In addition to keeping your insurance premiums low, many auto insurers provide discounts for safe drivers.  One way to show a safe driving record is to participate in's online defensive driving program.  For Arlington drivers over the age of 55 and drivers under the age of 18, many auto insurers provide additional insurance reductions, specifically to promote safe driving techniques and defensive driving skills in drivers who are statistically more likely to commit traffic violations.  If you are a mature driver of the age of 55, a juvenile driver under the age of 18 or a parent of a juvenile driver, you should reach out to your auto insurance provider to find out if an online driver safety program will help you secure insurance discounts, in addition to helping you learn defensive driving techniques that will allow you to avoid accidents or violations in the future.

Arlington Classroom Traffic Schools offers home-study Texas defensive driving course in a variety of mediums, including online, DVD and streaming video defensive driving courses which can be viewed on your home computer.  All of these will help you obtain insurance reductions, ensure ticket dismissals, and have points removed from your Texas driving record.

However, you may feel more comfortable learning in a traditional classroom setting than taking a driver safety program from the comfort of your own home.  If you are interested in participating in a defensive driving program to lower insurance costs, help get a ticket dismissed from your driver record or to fulfill a Arlington court order, just call a Tarrant County court today and they will be happy to provide you with a list of brick and mortar traffic schools in and around Arlington when you call in to discuss your citation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which payment methods does accept for its Arlington Texas online defensive driving class/online driver safety class? allows you to pay with either a credit card or with an online check.  Payments should be received by prior to your starting the Arlington Texas online defensive driving class.

Once I’m done with the Arlington Texas defensive driving/ticket dismissal online course, how will you get my certificate to me?
After you have completed's Arlington Texas online defensive driving/driver safety/ticket dismissal course, we will send your certificate of completion to you via regular mail.  However, if your court deadline is close and you need to receive it quickly, we suggest you use one of our expedited shipping options and have your certificate shipped via FedEx (Federal Express).  Unfortunately, is unable to send completion certificates via fax or email.
If I pay using my credit card online, isn’t there a risk of having my identity stolen?

Protecting your private information is’s number one priority! This is why we use SSL encryption to protect the safety of your credit card number and all other personal information. Be assured that when you sign up to take’s Arlington Texas defensive driving/driver safety/insurance reduction online class, your personal identity will not be compromised.

How much is the Arlington Texas streaming video course or the Arlington Texas online traffic school course or the Arlington Texas online defensive driving course or the Arlington Texas DVD defensive driving course? offers the Arlington Texas defensive driving course online (by internet), by DVD, or by streaming video. The fee for our online course is $25.00 (the minimum allowable price per Arlington Texas state law). Please know the price may vary by format and the fee may be slightly higher if you choose to take the Arlington Texas defensive driving DVD course or the Arlington Texas defensive driving streaming video course.

What is the procedure I need to follow to complete the Arlington Texas defensive driving online course?

First off, you will need to register to take the Arlington Texas defensive driving online course on's website.  At the time of your registration, please choose the shipping method you want us to use to send your certificate of completion to you after you have finished the Arlington Texas defensive driving online course.

The Arlington Texas defensive driving online course may be taken on any computer with internet access.  As you work through the course, you may stop as much as you want and then continue working later from where you left off.  The Arlington Texas defensive driving online course is divided into separate chapters, with each chapter concluding with a short, multiple-choice quiz.  These chapter quizzes are designed to help you get ready for the final exam you will need to take at the end of the course.

After you have completed the entire course and passed the online final exam, will issue your Arlington Texas certificate of completion and send it to the address you provide at the time of registration.

Can I have my auto insurance premiums reduced by taking the Arlington Texas defensive driving course or insurance reduction course that offers online?
In most cases, yes.  However, we recommend that you check with your local insurance agent before taking's Arlington Texas online insurance reduction course or online defensive driving course.  Many insurance carriers offer up to a 10% discount on auto insurance for policyholders who successfully complete a Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR)-certified defensive driving/insurance reduction course.  Additionally,'s customers who pass our Arlington Texas insurance reduction/defensive driving online course for ticket dismissal will receive a duplicate copy of their completion certificate to give to their insurance company.
Does allow its Arlington Texas online defensive driving course to be taken on more than one (1) computer?

Yes, you can take the Arlington Texas defensive driving class on multiple computers. You just need to make sure that whichever computer you work on has internet access as well as the necessary flash and browser requirements for’s website to correctly function. When you log onto for the first time on any computer,’s system will run a check to verify that the computer has all the required software installed.

I really don’t want to shoot an entire day taking the Arlington Texas defensive driving class. If I sign up to take’s Arlington Texas defensive driving online class can I take it over the course of about a week instead of all at once?

You bet! While some may prefer to take the entire Arlington Texas defensive driving online course all at once, you are certainly not required to do so. You can stop and resume as often as you need in order to accommodate your schedule.

I’ll soon be done with the Arlington Texas online defensive driving course or the  Arlington Texas or the streaming defensive driving video or the Arlington Texas driver improvement course or the Arlington Texas video traffic school course course. How will your employees get my certificate to my house?

When you get done with the Arlington Texas online defensive driving course or the  Arlington Texas or the streaming defensive driving video or the Arlington Texas driver improvement course or the Arlington Texas video traffic school course, your certificate of completion will be mailed to your home address.

I am unable to read large amounts of text, but I really need to take your internet defensive driving class to get a ticket dismissed. What options do I have?

To accommodate our customers who have difficulty in reading large amounts of text, offers the read-along option, where a recorded voice reads the text aloud while you follow along with the online text on your computer screen. The read-along option is fully-compliant with the ADA, as it allows us to assist our customers with reading disabilities and/or visual impairments. Additionally,’s defensive driving courses breaks up its text with numerous multi-media type elements including interactive videos, graphics, and cartoons.

With all the sham products offered over the internet, I have to ask, is’s defensive driving class/traffic school class recognized as a legitimate defensive driving class in Arlington Texas meaning that if I take it, will the court accept my certificate and wipe my traffic ticket off my record?

That’s a very fair question, and you can take comfort in knowing that is fully recognized in Arlington Texas for ticket dismissal. The court will give you a set time within you will be required to complete the defensive driving class.’s online defensive driving course is available for you to take 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Can I take the Arlington Texas defensive driving/driver safety online course to get a ticket dismissed more than once in the same year?

State law in Arlington Texas prohibits defendants from taking a Arlington Texas defensive driving course to have a ticket taken off their record more than once every twelve (12) months. If you are uncertain as to whether or not you are eligible to take the Arlington Texas defensive driving online course at this time to get a ticket dismissed, we suggest you contact your local Arlington Texas traffic school court to find out for sure.

Will the quizzes count towards my final grade/score for the Arlington Texas internet driver safety/defensive driving/insurance reduction course?

The quizzes which appear throughout’s Arlington Texas online defensive driving/driver safety/traffic school/insurance reduction course are to help you get ready for the course’s final exam. The quizzes themselves do not count towards your final grade/score.

Do I have the option of taking the Arlington Texas driver improvement course on a computer using the internet in place of taking the Arlington Texas driver improvement course in a standard classroom setting?

You certainly do! offers the entire Arlington Texas driver improvement course online so there’s no need for you to take the Arlington Texas driver improvement course in a classroom setting. 

Is's Arlington Texas defensive driving/ticket dismissal class good for dismissing multiple tickets?
No.  Arlington Texas regulations only allow you to have one (1) ticket dismissed every 12 months by taking a Texas Education Agency-approved Arlington Texas defensive driving class or ticket dismissal class.  If you are not certain as to whether you are eligible to take defensive driving at this time or believe you have taken defensive driving within the past 12 months, you can either order a copy of your Texas Driver Record or ask the Arlington Texas court if you are currently eligible to take a ticket dismissal course.  If you are eligible, you may take's Arlington Texas online defensive driving/ticket dismissal course to have a single ticket/citation removed from your driver record, however you will not be able to have any more than one (1) ticket dismissed.
When I take the Arlington Texas online defensive driving course/online traffic school course, what will you need from me insofar as verifying my identity? will verify your identity in one of two ways:  one is by pulling questions from both your driver record filed with the Texas Department of Public Safety (TX DPS) and your vehicle registration filed with the Texas Department of Transportation (TX DOT). 

However, if you do not have both a driver record and a registered vehicle in Texas, you will need to provide a signed and notarized Statement of Assurance and you will need to answer various personal questions while you are taking the Arlington Texas online defensive driving course.