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Oldham County Texas Defensive Driving Information

Oldham Texas Traffic Violations

Without question, the best way to avoid the problems that come with a traffic ticket is simply to avoid violating the traffic laws.  Unfortunately, that is not always the situation we find ourselves in.  if you are pulled over in Oldham Texas for violating a traffic law, you can expect to become the proud recipient of a traffic violation, courtesy of your Oldham Texas law enforcement.

The citation you receive will have several pieces of important information on it.  First, it will provide you with a court date.  You will need this date in the event you wish to attend a Texas Education Agency (TEA) approved Oldham Texas defensive driving course, dispute the ticket or if your violation is serious enough in nature that you are required to appear in court.  Also, if you are under 18, Texas law will usually require you to appear in court with your parents or legal guardian.

Second, the citation will provide you with contact information for the Oldham Texas court handling your traffic violation.  No matter how you plan to handle your citation, you must call the Oldham Texas court within ten days of being issued the citation, or risk heavier fines and penalties.  If you fail to call or show up in person to the Oldham Texas court for long enough, a bench warrant will be put out for your arrest.  Do not let this happen.  Contact the Oldham Texas court stated on your ticket immediately after being issued a citation.

When you contact the Oldham Texas court, you will also find out how to pay your citation.  Counties differ within Texas so you should ask the Oldham Texas court handling your ticket what payment methods are available and if you are eligible to attend a Oldham Texas ticket dismissal course such as

Suspension of Texas Driving Privileges

The points you accumulate through the Texas Driver Responsibility Program add up quickly.  If you incur just six points in three years-- one traffic violation per year-- the Texas Department of Public Safety will suspend your Texas driving privileges.  You can also face suspension if you avoid tallying too many points but are labeled as a "habitual offender."  Oldham Texas drivers who incur four violations in two years or 7 in four years are considered habitual offenders by the state of Texas and face suspension of their Texas driving privileges.  If you are a juvenile driver under 18 years of age, your driving privileges can be revoked for just two traffic violations in a single year.  The violations counting toward a habitual offender moniker, just like points accumulation, include all out of state offenses that would have qualified had they been issued in Oldham Texas.

The cost of having your driving privileges reinstated can be hefty and will pile on top of the fines for your most recent violation as well as the costs of appearing in court to defend yourself.  It is in your best interest and the best interests of your wallet that you avoid accumulating traffic violations on your Texas driver record.

Oldham Texas Defensive Driving Programs

Should you find yourself in any of the precarious situations above, a Oldham Texas defensive driving program may be able to help you avoid the unfortunate consequences.  The Texas Education Agency allows Oldham Texas drivers to attend a Oldham Texas driver safety program, including the Oldham Texas online defensive driving courses offered by, in order to have up to one traffic violation per year expunged from their Texas Department of Public Safety driving record.  In order to receive this benefit, however, you must first receive permission from the Oldham Texas court handling your violation when you call in or appear in court.  This permission is not guaranteed, however, and will likely be based on the cleanliness of your Texas driving record to date, as well as the severity of your most recent violation.  Also, if you have taken ten defensive driving programs and are back for your eleventh, a Oldham Texas court may feel that you need a different form of rehabilitation in order to improve your safe driving habits.

However, most often you will be given an opportunity to have the violation removed from your Texas driver record.  If you are given such an opportunity, a Oldham Texas internet driver safety or Oldham Texas internet driver improvement program will not only remove the violation from your record, but will also eliminate the points that would have attached to your record as a result of your guilty plea or conviction.  These benefits come in addition to the considerable costs you will avoid by not being labeled a habitual offender or having your Texas drivers license temporarily suspended.

Oldham Texas Insurance Discounts

A Oldham Texas driver has much to gain by keeping a clean driving record through participation in a Oldham Texas online driver safety program such as those offered by, beyond simply avoiding a suspended license.  Online Oldham Texas defensive driving programs teach valuable safe driving techniques and foster defensive driving habits that will help you avoid your next traffic violation.  Additionally, in the event you find yourself incurring a traffic violation in the future, a Oldham Texas court is much more likely to offer you a chance to have that violation wiped when your Texas driver record is clean and you have shown yourself to be committed to safe driving by enrolling in a Oldham Texas online defensive driving program like offers many forms of home-study Texas defensive driving courses, including Oldham Texas online defensive driving, Oldham Texas DVD video defensive driving and Oldham Texas streaming video defensive driving which can be viewed on your home computer.

A clean Texas driving record also keep you eligible for up to a 10% insurance reduction.  Insurance providers base the premiums you pay on your Oldham Texas driving experience and your history of traffic violation.  Texas law protects you as an insurance owner from having your rates raised each time you pay a traffic ticket.  However, Oldham Texas insurance carriers are not entitled to cover you if you show yourself to be a habitually bad driver.  Also, after three citations you insurance carrier is allowed by law to cancel your coverage immediately.  If that happens, it is highly unlikely that your next carrier will offer you a low or moderate price.  Keeping your driving record clean and having the experience of completing a Oldham Texas online defensive driving program will help you avoid costly hikes in your insurance coverage.

Oldham Texas Mature Driver and Oldham Texas Juvenile Driver Insurance Discounts

Oldham Texas drivers over the age of 55 and juvenile drivers under the age of 18 have an added incentive to enroll in a Oldham Texas online defensive driving program:  insurance discounts.  To promote safe driving, most auto insurers provide additional discounts to both older and younger Texas drivers.  If you are a driver under the age of 18 or a parents of a juvenile driver, or you are a mature driver of the age of 55, contact your auto insurance provider to find out if an online driver safety program will help you secure an insurance reduction even before any accident or traffic violation has occurred.  This active approach may not just result in lower premiums now, but help keep them low in the event of a future traffic citation.

Oldham Texas Classroom Driver Safety Schools

Some people prefer learning in a traditional classroom setting to the ease of taking a Oldham Texas defensive driving program from the comfort of their own home.  If you would like to participate in a driver safety program to help lower your  insurance costs, to remove a traffic violation from your Texas driving record or because you were ordered to do so by a Oldham Texas court, you should ask the Oldham Texas court overseeing your citation and they will be happy to provide you with a list of brick and mortar traffic schools  in and around Oldham Texas when you call into discuss your citation.


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Customer Reviews

This Texas online defensive driving course is very informational. A great refresher course. I believe all drivers should be required to take the course by Texas state law. It would help drastically in the region I live in. It's very clear most drivers don't understand the etiquette and laws of the road.

-"J. Drube"

Thanks guys for setting up this amazing web site. I had a great learning experience with my online defensive driving class, I will definitely recommend you guys to my friends.

-"J. Gomez"

Despite not looking forward to taking the Texas Online Defensive Driving Course I actually found it to be easy and quick. Thanks for making the process so easy. I am not so great with computers as I am from a different generation LOL but the whole process was very simple, which is more than I can say for other website programs I have used.

-"G. Salazar"

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does your company want me to pay for taking your Oldham Texas defensive driving online course? accepts credit cards or online checks as forms of payment.  Please know that payment for the Oldham Texas defensive driving online course must be received by before you begin the course.

How will I receive my completion certificate after I successfully complete the Oldham Texas internet defensive driving or driver safety class?
Once you have completed the Oldham Texas online defensive driving/driver safety/ticket dismissal class, your completion certificate will be sent to you by first-class mail.  If you have a court deadline fast approaching, you may wish to use one of our expedited shipping methods and have it sent via FedEx.  We regret that is not able to send completion certificates via email or fax.

Assuming that I give my credit card number to over the internet, will it be “hidden” from outsiders (i.e.—potential hackers)?

You bet it will be! Protecting your personal information is’s top priority. When you register to take’s Oldham Texas online defensive driving/driver safety/insurance reduction course, your credit card number and other personal information you provide is protected by SSL encryption to prevent access from any possible unauthorized users.

I need to sign up for’s Oldham Texas online defensive driving course or’s Oldham Texas video defensive driving course or’s Oldham Texas streaming video course or’s? location? online traffic school course. What’s the cost for doing so? offers Oldham Texas online defensive driving courses or Oldham Texas online insurance reduction courses. The fee for our online course is $25.00. The fee may be slightly higher if you choose to take the Oldham Texas streaming video course or the Oldham Texas DVD defensive driving course. $25.00 is the minimum allowable price under Oldham Texas state law, and this includes the shipping of your certificate of completion via regular US Mail.

What precisely do I have to do to complete the Oldham Texas defensive driving/driver improvement online course and how does my ticket get dismissed after I've completed it?

After you have signed up to take the Oldham Texas online defensive driving course (this can be done on’s website), you may then take the course on any computer which has access to the internet. As you work through the course, you can stop as often as you want, and then start up again right from where you previously left off.’s Oldham Texas defensive driving online course is split up into various chapters, and each chapter ends with a brief, multiple-choice quiz, which is designed to help you prepare for the final exam at the end of the course.

Once you have passed the final exam, will send you a Oldham Texas certificate of completion (per the shipping method you choose when you register to take the course). You may present this certificate to the court as positive proof that you have successfully completed an approved Oldham Texas defensive driving course sufficient for ticket dismissal.

Can I have my auto insurance premiums reduced by taking the Oldham Texas defensive driving course or insurance reduction course that offers online?
In most cases, yes.  However, we recommend that you check with your local insurance agent before taking's Oldham Texas online insurance reduction course or online defensive driving course.  Many insurance carriers offer up to a 10% discount on auto insurance for policyholders who successfully complete a Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR)-certified defensive driving/insurance reduction course.  Additionally,'s customers who pass our Oldham Texas insurance reduction/defensive driving online course for ticket dismissal will receive a duplicate copy of their completion certificate to give to their insurance company.
I'm not at my house every evening. Can I take's Oldham Texas defensive driving/driver safety course on different computers or do I have to take it all on the same computer?

It is not necessary for you to take the entire Oldham Texas online defensive driving course offers on the same computer.  Be sure, however, that each computer you use has the required flash and browser features installed.'s system will check the computer you log into to make certain the computer has all the required software.

Is there any requirement that I complete your Oldham Texas online ticket dismissal course, Oldham Texas online insurance reduction, or Oldham Texas online defensive driving course all at once?

No.  It is not required that you complete the Oldham Texas online driver safety course all at one time.  You are allowed to start and stop the Oldham Texas online driver improvement course as often as necessary.   That's the great thing about internet defensive driving at, you set the schedule!

After I pass the Oldham Texas video traffic school course or the Oldham Texas online defensive driving course, or the Oldham Texas streaming defensive driving video course or the or the Oldham Texas driver improvement school course, how do I get my diploma?

When you have finished the Oldham Texas video traffic school course or the Oldham Texas online defensive driving course, or the Oldham Texas streaming defensive driving video course or the or the Oldham Texas driver improvement school course, will mail your certificate of completion to your home or business address.

I need to take a defensive driving course or driver safety course, but I have difficulty reading. Is there anything does to accommodate customers such as me?

At, we understand that reading endless amounts of online text can be tiresome irregardless of one’s reading ability. This is why we strive to make our online defensive driving/driver safety/ticket dismissal course as enjoyable as possible by including multi-media type elements including interactive videos, cartoons, and graphics to help break up the monotony of just reading text. However, for our customers who have reading disabilities or simply have difficulty reading, we offer a read-along option which includes a recorded voice speaking the online text as you follow along on your computer screen. The read along feature is in full-compliance with the ADA as it allows to assist customers who have reading disabilities.


The only reason I’m interested in’s defensive driving class/traffic school class is to get my insurance premiums reduced.  How do I know if Oldham Texas recognizes’s insurance reduction course which is offered only over the internet as an official, certified defensive driving course in Oldham Texas ?’s defensive driving online or insurance reduction online course is fully-recognized by the State of Oldham Texas as a bona-fide defensive driving course. However, if you are taking the online defensive driving course to reduce your insurance costs, we recommend that you first talk with your Oldham Texas insurance agent.

What’s the limit as to how often I can take the Oldham Texas online defensive driving course for the purpose of having traffic citations taken off my record?

The law in Oldham Texas permits you to have a traffic citation/ticket dismissed once every twelve (12) months if you take a Oldham Texas defensive driving course. If you’re not certain whether you have taken a Oldham Texas defensive driving course in the past one (1) year, we recommend that you contact the Oldham Texas traffic court to see if you are eligible to take’s Oldham Texas defensive driving online course at this time.

Are questions on the final exam taken directly from the chapter quizzes?

Much of the material on the quizzes will appear on the final exam, as the quizzes are designed to help prepare you for the final exam you will take at the end of’s Oldham Texas online defensive driving/driver safety/insurance reduction course. However, your performance on the quizzes themselves will not affect your final grade/score for the course.

Would taking the Oldham Texas online defensive driving course be the same as taking the Oldham Texas defensive driving course in a classroom or meeting hall?

You bet! offers the whole Oldham Texas online defensive driving course online so you don’t have to go out and sit through a long, mundane class.

Can I have as many tickets as I want removed from my driving record by taking the Oldham Texas online defensive driving/driver safety class?
No. Oldham Texas law limits the number of tickets you can have dismissed by taking a Texas Education Agency (T.E.A.)-approved Oldham Texas defensive driving class to one (1) per 12-month period.  If you are eligible to take defensive driving at this time, you may sign up to take's Oldham Texas online defensive driving/driver safety/ticket dismissal class and have a single ticket dismissed.  However, you will not be able to have several tickets dismissed by taking our online class.  If you are not certain whether you are currently eligible to take a defensive driving class, you should order a copy of your Texas Driver Record or ask the Oldham Texas court if you are qualified to take a Oldham Texas defensive driving class at this time.
How can verify my identity if I’m taking the Oldham Texas defensive driving course on the internet and not in a classroom? is required by Texas law to confirm your identity when you take our Oldham Texas online defensive driving course in one(1) of two(2) ways: by pulling questions from your driver record/driver history which is on file with the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) and also from your vehicle registration information which is on file with the Texas Department of Transportation (DOT).

If you do not have both a driver record and a vehicle registered with the State of Texas, you will need to provide a signed and notarized Statement of Assurance and you will be asked personal questions as you work through the Oldham Texas defensive driving online course.

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