Approved Defensive Driving Discount - Texas Online Defensive Driving and Insurance Reduction Courses

  • Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) Approved online defensive driving course
  • Ticket Dismissal and Insurance Reduction
  • $25 – lowest price in the State of Texas
  • Our 6-hour online driver safety course is a fun, interactive and easy way to dismiss a ticket and lower your insurance costs. It is fully approved by the TDLR for citation dismissal (TDLR Provider # CP021).
  • Once you complete this internet defensive driving course, we will ship your certificate of completion to you by regular US Mail free of charge. If you are in a hurry, you may also select any of our convenient expedited shipping methods through FedEx for an additional charge.
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Defensive Driving Discount

If you are needing to dismiss a traffic citation in Texas, a Defensive Driving Discount is available if you take either a defensive driving classroom or online program.  The difference is that if you take our online program at, you won’t have to sit through a long program in a classroom setting to get that Defensive Driving Discount.   What is more incredible is that you can even get the Defensive Driving Discount  at by taking the online program at the lowest possible price under Texas State law: $25.00!  Sounds great?  Then sign up today and get that Defensive Driving Discount!


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Customer Reviews

This Texas online defensive driving course is very informational. A great refresher course. I believe all drivers should be required to take the course by Texas state law. It would help drastically in the region I live in. It's very clear most drivers don't understand the etiquette and laws of the road.

-"J. Drube"

Thanks guys for setting up this amazing web site. I had a great learning experience with my online defensive driving class, I will definitely recommend you guys to my friends.

-"J. Gomez"

Despite not looking forward to taking the Texas Online Defensive Driving Course I actually found it to be easy and quick. Thanks for making the process so easy. I am not so great with computers as I am from a different generation LOL but the whole process was very simple, which is more than I can say for other website programs I have used.

-"G. Salazar"

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Frequently Asked Questions

What method of payment should I use to pay for’s Texas defensive driving online course? accepts payments in the form of a credit card or an online check.  Payment must be received in advance of starting the Texas defensive driving course.

Once I’m done with the Texas defensive driving/ticket dismissal online course, how will you get my certificate to me?
After you have completed's Texas online defensive driving/driver safety/ticket dismissal course, we will send your certificate of completion to you via regular mail.  However, if your court deadline is close and you need to receive it quickly, we suggest you use one of our expedited shipping options and have your certificate shipped via FedEx (Federal Express).  Unfortunately, is unable to send completion certificates via fax or email.
Will my credit card information be safe if I pay for the course online?

Absolutely! All information you submit via’s website is protected with SSL encryption. This includes your credit card number, address, and any other personal information you give to over the internet.

I’m signing up for's Texas online traffic school course or's Texas online defensive driving course or's Texas DVD defensive driving course or's Texas streaming video course right now. What’s the tab for doing so? offers the Texas online traffic school course for a $25.00 fee. The fee may be slightly higher if you opt to take the Texas traffic school DVD course or the Texas traffic school streaming video course. $25.00 is the minimum allowable price under Texas state law. This fee includes the course plus the mailing of your certificate of completion.
How does the Texas online internet defensive driving, Texas streaming video defensive driving, Texas defensive driving DVD and Texas online insurance reduction courses work?

Two basic types of Texas defensive driving courses are available: Texas ticket dismissal and Texas insurance reduction.  These Texas defensive driving courses may be taken on any computer with internet access.  You may start and stop the Texas driver safety course at your convenience.  Our system will pick up exactly where you left off.  The Texas online traffic school course is divided into chapters, and each chapter is followed by a brief multiple choice quiz that is designed to prepare you for the Texas final exam.  Once you pass the Texas online driving test exam we will issue you a Texas certificate of completion.   The Texas certificate will be sent to you according to whatever shipping method you chose at registration.

How much of an insurance discount, if any, can I get for my auto insurance by taking's online insurance reduction class or online defensive driving class?
Many insurance carriers in Texas offer up to a 10% auto insurance discount to policyholders who pass a Texas defensive driving class or driver safety class which is approved by the Texas Education Agency (TEA).  However, we always recommend that you first check with your local Texas insurance representative before taking the Texas online defensive driving class or online insurance reduction class.  Also, all Texas customers who successfully complete our Texas defensive driving online class for ticket dismissal receive an additional copy of their certificate of completion for his or her insurance agent.
Can I take part of’s Texas defensive driving/driver safety online course on my computer at my house and some of it on my computer at someone else’s house?

Absolutely! With, you have the freedom to take the Texas online defensive driving course on as many computers as you want. Please make sure that each computer you use has the required flash and browser requirements. will automatically scan any computer you log onto for the first time to see if it has the necessary software installed.

I need to complete the Texas online defensive driving course/online driver safety course by next week, but I promised to take my kids camping this coming Saturday, so I can’t do it this weekend. I can work on it in the evenings after I get home, but there’s no way I can finish the whole Texas online defensive driving course/online driver safety course in one (1) evening. Could I work on it for a couple of hours each night for several nights until I get done?

When you take’s Texas online defensive driving class, you have the freedom to set your own work schedule which includes being able to stop and start as often as you like while you work through’s Texas online defensive driving class.

After I pass the Texas driver improvement course or the Texas video traffic school course or the Texas online defensive driving course or the Texas streaming defensive driving video course, approximately how many days will it take to get my proof that I finished it?

Completion certificates for the Texas driver improvement course or the Texas online defensive driving course or the Texas streaming defensive driving video course or the Texas video traffic school course are sent out via regular mail, which takes approximately 3-5 days. If you’re in a hurry, you may request that your certificate be sent via FedEx, however that will cost you some extra money. 

Can do anything to help their customers who cannot read a whole lot of text?

Yes. offers a read along option with its online defensive driving course or online driver safety course in which a recorded voice reads the text aloud as you follow along with the text you see online. This feature is fully-compliant with the ADA as it assists’s customers who have reading disabilities or for whatever reason have difficulty reading huge amounts of text.  Please also know that’s online defensive driving course is not just a bunch of text typed onto the screen. Our courses include animations, interactive videos, as well as graphics designed to help illustrate various topics being covered and increase your enjoyment of the course.

I live in Texas. I got a ticket and the traffic court told me they’ll throw it out if I take a state-approved driver improvement/defensive driving class. Do you know if’s online driver improvement/defensive driving class is approved in Texas ?

You bet it is! is fully-approved by every court in Texas. as a bona-fide defensive driving class. However, the court only gives you a set time period for you to complete the class, so don’t wait….sign up for’s online driver improvement/defensive driving class today!

Can I take the Texas driver improvement online course/defensive driving online course every time I get a ticket and have the ticket dismissed?

The state of Texas prohibits drivers from having more than one (1) ticket dismissed every twelve (12) months. So you would be eligible to take’s Texas defensive driving online course for ticket dismissal only once every twelve (12) months.

What factors will contribute to my final course grade/score? Is it solely based on the final or are the quizzes averaged in also?

The chapter quizzes you will take during the Texas online defensive driving/driver safety/insurance reduction course are merely designed to help you get ready for the final exam which you will take at the end of the course. They (the quizzes) will not have any bearing on whether or not you pass the course.

I don’t do well in classroom settings. Could I just take the Texas defensive driving course over the internet instead?

Yes. understands your need for comfort and privacy which is why we offer the Texas defensive driving course over the internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Is the Texas online defensive driving class good for dismissing only one (1) ticket or multiple tickets?

Only one (1) ticket can be dismissed during a 12-month period by taking the online defensive driving/driver safety/ticket dismissal class. This is in accordance with Texas state law. If you have already taken a defensive driving class within the past 12 months or aren’t certain when you last took a driver safety class, you can request a copy of your Texas Driver Record or ask the Texas court if you qualify to take a defensive driving class for ticket dismissal at this time. If you are currently eligible for a ticket dismissal, you may take’s online defensive driving/driver safety/ticket dismissal class to have a single ticket dismissed, but you won’t be able to dismiss two (2) or more tickets by taking our online course.

How does go about confirming my identity when I take the Texas defensive driving course/driver safety course?

There are two (2) ways that can confirm your identity when you take the Texas online defensive driving course: One is by pulling questions from your driver record on file with the Texas DPS as well as from your vehicle registration information on file with the Texas Department of Transportation.

If you do not have both a driver record and a registered vehicle on file with the State of Texas, you will need to provide a signed and notarized Statement of Assurance and you will be asked personal questions throughout your taking of the course.