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Defensive Driving Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Course For Me

My due date for attending a defensive driving course has passed. What should I do?

You may be allowed to get an extension. You should first contact the traffic court clerk either in person or by phone and ask what your particular court's procedures are with regard to granting extensions. Some courts will grant you extensions over the telephone and other courts will require that you go to the court in person and ask for an extension. If you are not successful in getting an extension, you can ask the clerk if you can make a court appearance in order to see the judge. Some courts will allow you to see the judge for such matters on scheduled days and some will make an appointment for you. On the day of your court appearance, you should go to the court and ask the judge for the extension. If you have a valid reason for letting your due date slip by, the judge may grant you an extension. Keep in mind that judges are extremely busy and will not appreciate your appearance if you do not have a valid reason as to why you need an extension.

Can I take your course to have my traffic ticket dismissed?

Absolutely. Our course has been approved by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. If you have approval from the court to take a defensive driving course, then you can take our course. You do not need special approval from the court because the course is taken on the Internet.

Can I take your course to get my insurance rates reduced?

Yes. Because our course has been approved by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, taking our course can reduce your insurance rates by up to 10%. Contact your insurance agent to find out more about the discount.

Can I take this course if I received a ticket in Texas but I do not live there or have a Texas driver's license?

If the court that issued the ticket allows you to take a defensive driving course, then you can take this course even if you don't live in Texas and don't have a Texas driver's license. However, we will not be able to verify your identity by drawing information from third-party databases. You will be required to submit a notarized Statement of Assurance. When you register, you will be notified that you must submit one, and you will be able to print the form from our web site at any point in the course. You must fill it out, sign it, have it notarized, and fax or mail it to us.

What if my court paperwork requires an instructor signature? How do I get one?

Some courts require you to submit a signature from your defensive driving course instructor in addition to your Certificate of Completion. If so, we can provide you with an instructor signature. Just fax us the paperwork that requires a signature and we will return it to you, signed, along with your Certificate of Completion. Our fax number is 1-800-519-3475.

Can't find an answer to your question? You can contact us or try our live help.

Great way to fulfill the ticket dismissal requirement. I highly recommend this course!-M. Winslow

Nothing to improve! The course was very informative and easy to understand!-J. Stephens

The material is presented well and is easy to understand. I also liked the statistical references.-J. Reynolds

I actually enjoyed taking this course and I learned some things I did not know before.-D. Jolivet

The course was simple and informative. I'll probably use this one again in the future.-C. Moore

This was a great course. I learned a lot of things and changed my entire perception of driving on the road. Thank you!-C. Gutierrez

Great course! I've recommended it to all my friends who need to complete defensive driving.-C. Manns

With my busy life-style, I was able to complete this course right on time. Thanks!-R. Fuentez

Good course, great content, a lot of valuable information! I will drive more carefully!-J. Martin

I loved the course. I learned a lot and am much more aware of what is going on around me while driving now.-R. D'Alessio

Loved the humor in the videos provided, kept the course more interesting to watch. Great course & easy to learn & follow.-A. Neal

It was informative. I'm a 50 year old driver and I got some good information to pass along to my children.-K. Stephens

I have really learned a lot from taking this course. Thank you!-S. Herrington

Loved this course! It's easy, and I got to work at my own pace!-J. Gonzales

Very good online course and easy to use!-G. Han